November 23, 2021

Dear MCPS Community,

As we approach Thanksgiving, we are writing to wish you a joyful, relaxing, and reinvigorating break. The celebration offers a chance to pause and reflect. As we do so, we are reminded just how fortunate our school system is to serve a vibrant community that deeply values our children's learning.

We are grateful that our community has banded together this fall in support of our return to fully in-person instruction. The transition back to our buildings has sparked collaboration and friendship and connection. Reuniting our students with these experiences has been possible thanks to the extraordinary efforts of our MCPS community — the dedication of our caring teachers, administrators, support professionals, and other employees; the perseverance of our students during a period of adjustment; and the steadfast investment from our families and partners. While the semester has not always been easy, we are rising to the challenges before us by working together.

We hope that you will join us—as parents, guardians, educators, and partners—to celebrate the students in our lives this Thanksgiving. Please acknowledge your child's efforts in school and their contributions to the school community. And please take a moment to appreciate the critically important role educators play in shaping our future.

Thank you for your valuable support and many contributions. We hope you have a wonderful and safe holiday.


Brenda Wolff
President, Montgomery County Board of Education

Dr. Monifa B. McKnight
Interim Superintendent of Schools

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