November 23, 2021

Dear MCPS community,
With Thanksgiving just around the corner, we wish you a pleasant, relaxing and refreshing holiday season。This holiday season offers an opportunity for pause and reflection。As we pause and reflect, we are reminded once again how fortunate our school district is to serve a vibrant community that values children's learning so much。
We are grateful that the community rallied behind us this fall to restore full face-to-face instruction。Going back to school inspired cooperation, friendship and connection。我們的學生得以重新擁有這些體驗, 完全歸功於整個MCPS社區的非凡努力 — 充滿愛心的老師、管理人員、後勤支持人員和其他工作人員的奉獻; 學生在調整期間表現出的毅力; 以及家庭和合作夥伴的堅定投入。While this semester has not always been smooth sailing, we are working together to meet the challenges ahead。
This Thanksgiving, we want you to join us as parents, guardians, educators and partners in giving thanks for the students in your lives。Please express your appreciation for your child's efforts at school and contribution to the school community。Please also take a moment to thank educators for their vital role in shaping our future。
Thank you for your valuable support and great contribution。We wish you a happy and safe holiday season。
Brenda Wolff
Chairman, Mont County Board of Education
Monifa B. McKnight, Dr.
Acting Director of Education

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